Tile Fix

aultra Tile Fix, tile adhesive is ready to used colored cementations Power containing special ingredients to solve the problems of convention material.

aultra Tile Fix, tile adhesive is recommended for use as a gap filling material between different Tiles like Glazed Wall tiles, Vitrified lines, Mossic tiles etc.

aultra Tile Fix, tile adhesive is available in wide range of Colors in order to meet the Customer needs.

Coverage: Coverage will depend on the width & Depth of the joint of Tile surface. For a Tile of 6”c6” of 2mm joint approximately 1kg of grout will coverage of 4 running meters.

Available Packing: 20, 5kg. & 1kg

Method of Application: +

  • 1. Clean the Tile Gap so that there is no foreign matter in the Gap where the Material has to be placed.
  • 2. Mix the 3 parts of Tile Grout material with 1 part of Water depending upon the site requirement in order to get the desired pasty consistency.
  • 3. Ensure that there are no lumps & desired uniform Colors is obtained. To get Consistency some water may be added.
  • 4. After mixing apply the paste by using a float so that the material fills totally in to the gap and compact well to avoid formation.
  • 5. Use the mixed material within 20 minutes workable time.
  • 6. Use always the grout on a small area at a time so that the excess grout can be cleaned from the Tile surface at the earliest by using damp sponge.
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