Water Based Cement Primer

As per the exact demands and desires of our customers, we are providing them a customized assortment of Water Based Cement Primer (Cement Primer). aultra Cement primer is suitable for applications on interior as well as exterior surface as an under coat. It has got good whiteness, which helps & improves the appearance of the top coats. And it does not require any water curing.

Methods of Application +

  • aultra cement primer added water slowly to the paste to obtain brushing consistency. The amount of water needed would depend upon the porosity and texture of the surface
  • 2 parts of water may be added to 3 parts primer and applied over well dried coating of Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from loose matter, dust, moisture, etc

Technical Data +

  • Area of application:Plaster, Brickwork, Stucco, Asbestos, etc
  • Consistency offered: 250 to 270 Divisions on Penetrometer
  • Recommended Diluents: Water
  • Method of Application:Brush/Spray/Roller
  • Covering Capacity: 100 to 125 sq.ft./Ltr/Coat on Cement Walls
  • Available Packing: 1, 4, 10 and 20Ltrs
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